Is Your Migraine Headache caused by Stress?

Migraine Headache

A migraine headache sufferer will confirm that there are few pains worse or more long lasting than that feeling of total malaise that comes with a migraine. It’s a sneaky headache that just seems to slap you down when you least expect it, but often in times of extreme stress and anxiety.

Because it strikes without warning, it’s hard to find what you can do to prevent it. Once it hits, all you want to do is get outside of your own head because the pain inside is almost too much to bear. Unfortunately, while stress itself is a trigger, a migraine only brings about even more stress!

You need to learn to recognize any signs or symptoms that precede a migraine headache. Keep a headache journal in which you write down the date, time and place the migraine headache started.

Also note what you were doing and how your mood was at the time the first pain wave hit. As you compare notes from several headaches, look for commonalities. Were you overtired, trying to do too much without adequate sleep? Overexertion is a stressor that’s a common trigger for migraines.

Each migraine is unique and you may find that certain foods are more likely to help relieve (or prolong) the pain. Cut back on your caffeine intake in sodas as well as coffee. Carbonated beverages may also add to the discomfort.

Instead, drink high quality fruit and vegetable juices for the nutritive value as well as the detox potential. Since you may not feel like eating during a migraine, at least you will get some quality nutrients from the juices.

Fluorescent lighting, which is common in offices and commercial buildings, can be another trigger to make migraines worse for some people. If you’re working in an office with this lighting, bring a small desk lamp that has a full spectrum light bulb. Turn off the overhead lights and use your desk lamp.

Room noises that you would normally ignore become like the sound of an army marching across your forehead when you have a migraine headache. If you can’t get away from the noise, put earplugs in your ear to muffle the noise.

You can buy these at a drugstore or discount store and keep some in your purse, pocket and desk drawer or any place you regularly spend time. There’s no foolproof way to prevent migraines but you can be prepared to apply the most comforting approaches that work for you.




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