Welcome to Stress Management Tools. All of us are facing stress at some moment in our lifes. The question is: How do we react to it? And how can we respond in a more intelligent way? There are many ways we can make improvements, when we have the right information on our fingertips, and we get the right plan of action to put the changes into practice.

At this website we are dedicated to help you improve your stress management skills. You will find here a weekly blog post, a number of free reports, and complete online courses helping you in your journey to control stress in an effective manner. So feel free and enjoy! And while you are at it, sign up for our weekly newsletter.

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The 10 Minute Guide to Stress Management

This is a short and concise guide to help you understand, what is causing your stress, how you can combat it, and how you can change your Lifestyle in order to bear your stressors with ease. Besides this 8 page report you will get in your email:

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Stress Management Tools is maintained by Martin Neumann, a Health Educator commited to give you up to date information on how to take care of your health.


We are striving to provide up to date and relevant Stress Management hacks to help you on the journey to control the day to day stressors in your life.


Helping our users to find a balanced lifestyle and discover their real purpose of life.


  • Up to date scientific information
  • Relevant didactic materials
  • Psychologically proven mind hacks
  • Empowerment by showing the path to significant lifestyle changes
  • Focus on natural treatments and a healthy lifestyle
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